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Water Restoration

We Offer Top-Quality Water Restoration Services in Irving, TX and the Surrounding Areas

  • Call C.H.A. Immediately: Our emergency response technicians are trained and highly skilled in water restoration. 
  • Turn Water Off: It’s important to stop the water 
  • Call your insurance company  
  • Take Photos of all the visible damage i.e. floors, walls, fallen debris and personal property.
  • Make a list of all groceries and food that was ruined in the flooded area or power outages. 
  • Please Use Caution: Watch your step. Water can cause floors to be slippery.
  • Remove Excess Water: Mop as much excess water as possible. To speed the drying process, in cool weather, open windows and in hot weather, switch on air conditioning if it’s safe to do so. Don’t worry C.H.A. will assist you
  • Protect Valuables: Document first, then remove paintings and other artwork to a safe, dry place.
  • Protect Furniture: Document first, Open cabinet doors to dry out interiors. C.H.A. can provide furniture blocks or pads that can be placed under furniture legs.
  • Every minute counts when it comes to  Emergency flood water damage. C.H.A. has extremely  well trained and certified to the highest standards in the industry, our C.H.A. professionals respond immediately – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – to mitigate loss and meet every challenge with professionalism, reliability, compassion and respect.

C.H.A. understands  that water damage causes a devastating setback to families or businesses; we do whatever it takes to give back that sense of security with minimal disruption. Our recovery, restoration and construction process is aimed to keep you informed and speedy results   You can rely on C.H.A.  to minimize the impact of flooding and water damage to your home or business and help you navigate through this disaster.


When water is on the move, timing is critical.  C.H.A. Will answer the call and jump into action 24/7.  Recognizing the trauma and emotional disruption that most people suffer, we work compassionately, professionally and quickly to contain the water first.


At C.H.A. Our water mitigation pros identify the full extent of moisture damage, both obvious and unseen, by using sensors such as moisture detectors and hygrometers.  Meanwhile, we help homeowners overcome their feeling of helplessness by explaining the process in a way that they can understand. Our team helps navigate what is happening, what to expect, and what they can do from first signs of detection through turnkey construction.

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